You have been looking for a better job for a while now and you are wondering why employers are not willing to take a chance on you. Could it be that you don’t have the skills and education that they are looking for? There are certain skills that all employers are after and unless you want to work menial jobs your whole life you should take the time to learn them.


You will get a job much faster if you have a college education and specialize in an area. You should take subjects that are much in demand – today, for example, people in the digital marketing field are very much in demand because all businesses need to have an online presence. This is not the only field – there are plenty of others that you can become a specialist in.  Dr. Tomas Jones of The University of Texas Advertising School says that although a formal education is not completely necessary, it is the best way to acquire an overall and tactical skill set.  


The workplace is not what it used to be. Today, jobs don’t necessarily mean sitting in an office all day or having secretaries and support staff. Employers are looking to cut down costs in all sorts of ways and for them to do that they have to have adaptable and flexible employees. You need to be prepared to work in different scenarios. You may even find yourself working from your house for an employer who is thousands of miles away. If you are prepared to be flexible you will find that employers are much more willing to work with you.

Good communication

Communication is everything when it comes to a good job. You need to be articulate in both spoken and written communication. They look at how well you express yourself right from the beginning. If you aren’t any good in your interviews they will strike you off right there. There are many tools available that can help you become a better communicator. You can even take communication classes – they will pay off when you get that job that you have wanted for so long.

Problem solving

Have you ever heard the saying bring the solution, don’t bring me the problem? This is exactly what employers are looking for. They want someone who is good at looking for solutions to a wide range of problems. They want you to be able to look at a range of solutions and decide which one is most appropriate given the problem that you are facing. Do not wait to be asked to bring a solution to the table – if you see a problem be proactive and start working on it.


What can you bring to the table? Creativity is not about coming up with new devices or reinventing the wheel. It is about changing the way things get done in order to become faster and more efficient. Creativity can be learned. Look at your own life and the things that you do every day. Is there a better way to do them?

If you work on developing these skills you will find that employers are more willing to give you a job.